Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Outfit: Brights & Neutrals

 Hey guys! Long time no blog :( School and other school related things are killing me this quarter and it just stinks! I'll try to have a couple posts here and there but unfortunately, it won't be as frequent and consistent as the summer ones. This was actually from week two of school but I never got the chance to post it until now. I love the look of brights and neutrals together especially over this grey tshirt my boyfriend got me. I love how it says YSL but as you can see on the bottom, it's not exactly Yves Saint Laurent. I believe this shirt was from a site called if you're interested. Hope everyone is doing well and sorry for not posting in a while. 

cardigan-Me&City from Shanghai
Get the Look:
brights and neutrals

Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Faves of October

5 Favorites of October
1. American Apparel Denim Backpack: So for the past couple of years I've been avoiding "the backpack" and carrying a purse to school because I just feel like it's more stylish. However, the whole backpack trend exploded last year with the cute camper looking styles and floral prints which made me reconsider my old perspective on how "un-stylish" a backpack was. I'm really glad that backpacks are in style because I really like how much it can hold and I tend to carry a lot and my purse would always look super bulky with my sweater and my packed lunch. Anyways, I'm in love with this denim print because I feel like the floral prints and canvas styles are really popular and although cute, I'm kind of sick of seeing them because everyone at my school has them. (I would have gotten the floral print because that's my favorite print but I have too much clothing with floral and I think floral on floral is kind of weird) This denim print is great because it makes a lot of my outfits look really casual and effortless, however, I tend to avoid wearing my chambray tops with it because that might be too much.
2. Maybelline's Baby Lips Cherry Me: Everyone has been raving about these baby lips products so I decided to jump on this band wagon. My first Baby Lips lip balm was the Peach colored one and I feel in love with the moisture it provided as well as the tinted color it gave my lips. I had to get more so I picked out Cherry Me a red tinted lip balm which I'm currently obsessed with. My lips are naturally more red toned and this lip balm tint just enhances their natural shade. If you haven't tried this out PLEASE go pick one up at your local drug store. They're really affordable ($2.99 at Target) and a MUST HAVE for fall and winter. Oh and they smell AMAZING!
3.Darwin Deez: Up in the Clouds: Great song to listen to on a rainy day in your cozy room with a yummy scented candle lit (i.e. Pumpkin Caramel Latte Candle from Bath and Body Works)
4. FREE YES FREE DID I MENTION FREE??? American Apparel Lipgloss NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!!! Say wha???: So I recently got an email from American Apparel saying that they were giving out FREE lipglosses with No Purchase Necessary and I got the email last Monday but I had to wait till this past Friday to go to a American Apparel and they still had the deal going on. :O I was really surprised but I just went in and asked them if they were still doing it and they said yeah and made me fill out a info card with my email and I got a FREE lip gloss of my choice. They don't let you pick from the lip glosses they sell for $12 which was what I thought, but they let you pick from a container with discounted lip glosses selling for $2 :/ Hey it was free and it was still brand new unopened because it had the plastic covering attached. I got a coral pinky shade which was pretty :) So I hope they are still doing this, if you happen to stop by an American Apparel store, be sure to ask them if they are still doing the free lip gloss thing and hopefully you guys can get some free lip gloss too!
5. Walt Disney: This is a simple but motivational quote that I live by. It's a great pick me up phrase I fall back to when I feel overwhelmed by my big goals I have in my life about my future and career. We've all been there where we become so stressed by the impossibility of our dreams, but just remember if you take things one step at a time and have a passion to succeed, that dream will become reality :)
*What are your October Favorites this month?I would love to know in the comments!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Splurge...I mean Investment: White Rose Dr. Martens

 This weekend I went to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and did a little shopping. I've been eyeing the floral Dr. Martens recently and saw these white rose printed ones online and knew they had to be apart of my wardrobe. I never really thought Dr. Martens were the shoe for me because I always thought of the iconic black pair that most people have just seemed too masculine, which is a style that I know people like, but just wasn't something I was into. Then this year, I discovered the floral printed Docs which was featured in their Spring collection, and fell in love because I have a huge obsession with anything floral print (hence the bedding which if you're curious is from Ikea.). I went into Journeys when I was shopping and saw these but they were in a size 10 :/ And the sales guy told me that they were sold out pretty much everywhere and even online which really bummed me out because these were the ones I really wanted. I know they have other kinds of floral print like the black ones I posted before but that black pair is a canvas floral print and these were leather :) Eventually I asked if any other Journeys had them and I was so lucky that he found a random one that carried size 8s! I was so excited and happy that they still had them somewhere in my size and ordered them right away. Yes they were pricey, but I think a great investment because I've heard so many positive reviews for the quality of these shoes and I love the print and they add a little bit of height which is good :P I paid around $140 for these with tax included which is probably the most I've ever spent on a shoe :/ but nonetheless, money well spent because I feel like these would last for a good couple years before they're ready to be retired. I just got these today and I can't wait to break them in and wear them for the fall!!! 
 So far I've walked in these with my bare foot around my apartment and they seem really comfortable. However, I've heard that the first week or so is hell because you have to break them in which I'm kind of scared about, but I guess no pain no gain.  

Here is a summary recap:
Shoe: 8 eye white rose dr. martens
Price: $140
Size: 8 (I normally wear 7.5)

I'm planning on wearing this outfit tomorrow and maybe two pairs of socks just so that my feet won't get hurt during the process of breaking these babies in :)
chambray shirt: H&M
black bow back tank: Brandy Melville
beige pleated skirt: Brandy Melville
necklace: Brandy Melville
Dr. Martens: Journeys