Monday, September 3, 2012

6 Things To Look Forward To In The Upcoming Seasons

6 Things To Be Excited For In The Fall

September for me, marks the transition from summer to fall. During this time of the month, the weather in California is still reminiscent of what is presumed to be summer however, the commercialized essence of September reminds us of the major three back to back holidays ahead of us. Last week, I went to Michaels and Target and saw that Halloween and Autumn themed merchandise were already occupying several store shelves.

           Here are 6 things I'm most looking forward to in the upcoming months:

1. Starbucks Seasonal Drinks: Every year starting September, Starbucks begins to release their yummy seasonal drinks. My favorite is the Pumpkin Spice Latte which is out now, along with the Salted Carmel Mocha Latte, which is a great fusion of sweet and salty. They also have a variety of other great drinks that compliment the upcoming holidays. For Christmas, they have an Eggnog Latte, Gingerbread Latte, and my second favorite, the Peppermint Mocha Latte. 

 2. Candy Corn: Yes! I became a loyal fan of these sugary orange and yellow triangles ever since I trick-or-treated them in second grade. True story. 

 3. Bath and Body Works Candles: These have become a holiday stable for many women young and old. I mean who doesn't want their room to smell like leaves...? (Their leaves candle actually smells pretty good and doesn't literally smell like leaves on the ground. Although they do have some scents that captures the exact smell of the candle title like frosted cupcakes which is super yummy!) This Saturday I stopped by my local Bath and Body Works and got two of their 3 Wick Candles because they had the 2 for $20 deal which is amazing. These candles are usually $20 which is a bit pricey even though they smell amazing. Luckily they have the 2 for $20 in stores and online which means it's time to stock up! This time I picked up the Pumpkin Carmel Latte and Frosted Cupcakes which I plan on burning sometime in October when it starts getting colder. 

4. Pumpkins: Pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin carving contests, it is no surprise that pumpkins have become an iconic vegetable for the fall season. I love how they're used in practically every aspect of the holidays. Whether in home decor, or holiday cooking, pumpkins are something that is  novel to this time of year and should be enjoyed before it's gone!

5. Suede Booties: These are popping up like daisies and spreading like wildfire. I got my hands on a pair of suede taupe booties at Target on sale for $15 bucks! Can you say steal??? They were originally $29.99 which I would have bought anyways because they're so cheap compared to the ones on sites like Urbanoutfitters and Aldo. I'm not sure if you can still get them for that price, but it's on the Target website for $25.49-$29.99. 

6. Holiday Themed Treats: One of my favorite part about the holidays is all the themed treats like cupcakes, cookies, and pastries. They're cute and fun to make, and great to give to friends or just to eat :D 

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