Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lil Bunny Foo Foo

Today was back to work for me after a relaxing weekend. I guess it's still pretty relaxing because I just have  work right now and this research stuff I'm doing as a side project for a professor at school. Other then that,I'm pretty much soaking up (like a Sham Wow...hence the color of the dress -_-) these last couple of weeks of freedom before school starts. This summer kind of flew by and the majority of my freedom was ripped out of my arms by summer session one and two which was just annoying but I guess I did learn a lot. Yes I go to school and I learn stuff :O 
Here is a recap of interesting stuff I learned from my summer session classes: 
1. Chinese 20B: So I guess in China, Chinese people actually give themselves English names even though they will never go anywhere in which they have to use them. And the names they give themselves either are objects or they just don't make sense. One guy said he was named "Frog" and when he was asked why he replied "Oh I like the sound of it" -_-  Watch it here!
2. History 20: Something interesting I learned was that during the time of the alcohol ban in Russian, people would drink perfume because it contained a small amount of alcohol and because alcohol was rare to find or extremely expensive to purchase, people would resort to drinking perfume.
3. Philosophy 02: Some physicians nowadays are really corrupt. We learned about different standards in which doctors disclose information and one of them was called "Professional Practice Standard" where doctors just tell their patients what other doctors are telling their patients. So if there is a bad side effect that doctors don't tell their patient, then the majority of physicians out there will do the same. :/ Eat them apples a day folks!

orange floral dress-Forever 21
chambray shirt-H&M
suede booties-Target
belt: Thrifted


  1. hi, Jen! thanks for the comment on my blog! you look really great laid-back chic with the orange dress and the chambray shirt.

    would love to keep in touch (:

    Putri Soe

    1. Hey Putri! Thanks for stopping by! Yes I would definitely like to keep in touch :P

  2. Cute dress.