Friday, September 14, 2012

Stop And Smell The Roses


 So my mom is in the process of renovating our front and backyard so yesterday we went to a place called Armstrong Garden Center to look at some potential yard plants. This place was amazing! They had a wide selection of plants, ground cover, trees, flowers, literally everything you will need to beautify a yard. It was also the perfect place to test out my new Canon EOS Rebel T3i!!! Yes I finally got it and I'm obsessed. So far I've already taken over 400 pictures with this which is crazy but good thing I got the 32 GB memory card so I don't have to worry about taking to many :) I can't wait to take more, especially when November comes and the leaves start changing colors. 

floral top-DIY from thrifted dress
rainbows-Pac Sun


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    1. Thanks Laura! Your blog always has gorgeous pics too! :)

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    1. Thanks for checking this post out! I just got a new camera so I've been taking pictures of anything and everything lol.

  3. these photos are quite stunning! love them <3

  4. absolutely love that last shot!