Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Neutral Transitions


 Hey so today was another mundane Tuesday at work on campus. I'm so tired of going to work and having to keep up with my little side project and I just want to enjoy what's left of my summer...sigh...on another note, I drove by myself for the first time over the weekend. I recently just got my drivers license which I know is really sad because I'm 22 and I just barely started driving. But nonetheless a HUGE accomplishment for me, especially driving by myself and on the freeway :O So I went to Goodwill twice this weekend and scored some really cool pieces for the fall time which I'm super excited about. Also I went to Jo-Ann's and got some faux fur material for some DIY projects I want to do very soon (keep an eye out for those!) On top of that I've been obsessing over fall fashion runway collections on style.com this whole weekend like nobody's business. I was surprised to see the upcoming trends featured in several collections this season and can't wait to see how those styles translate into ready to wear at local clothing stores! 

sheer green top-Cotton On
necklace-Cotton On
cardigan-American Apparel
shorts-American Apparel
rainbow sandals-Pac Sun

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